Manage Application

Manage all of your applications

We Make It Easy To Manage Your Applications

Here we will discuss all the options to manage your application(s). We will cover the following:

  • How to create an application
  • How to rename an application
  • How to pause the application and the users
  • How to refresh the application's secret
  • How to delete the application
  • Discussion of application credential codes, and why they are needed

Application Credentials Code

Once you create an application, you will be given the application credential code. The code will consist of the application name, application secret, application version, and your owner ID. You can select from several different preset programming language layouts so you can just copy and paste the application credential code into your application.

This information should be protected, but don't worry if the application credential code gets released publicly because this code just serves as an identifier for your program so that your users can access it.