Custom Domains

Is your ISP blocking KeyAuth? Not to worry, we will help you setup a custom domain.

Register A New Domain

If you don't have a domain yet, you will need to get one. We recommend using Freenom. You may use whatever you would like though.

Setup Cloudflare

Login or create a Cloudflare account, don't worry it is free. You should have something that looks like this,

Click on "add site" then put in the domain and extension that you got from Freenom, then click "add site".

You should now have something that looks like this,

Click on "free" then click "continue".

Your page should now look something like this,

Click on "add record", click on "type", and select "CNAME". For name you can put whatever you want (Example, "api").

In the target selection, make sure to put "" and leave the proxy status as proxied, then click "save", then click "continue".

If you registered your domain with Freenom, you would have received something similar to this,

Sign into your Freenom account, then head to Click on "manage domain" on the domain that you wish to use.

Your page should now look something like this,

Now, click on "management tool", then "nameservers", then click on "custom nameservers". Now you are going to want to put in all all of nameservers that Cloudflare gave you. Then click "change nameservers".

Now you can head back to Cloudflare and click on the "Done check nameservers" button.

Then on this page,

click the "finish later" link.


It may take some time for freenom to change nameservers! Give it some time.

Click on "SSL/TLS" on the left hand side and then click "overview" and change the SSL/TLS encryption mode to "Flexible".

On the left hand side under SSL/TLS, click on the "Edge Certificates" and make sure "always use https is enabled".

Click on "Security" on the left hand side then "WAF" then click on "create rule". You should now be on a page that looks like this,

For the rule name, put whatever you like. For field put "user agent", for operator put "does not equal" and the value should be blank. At the bottom, where it says "then take action" put "block", then click the "deploy" button.

Now go to "security->ddos", deploy a ddos override. For override name, put whatever you would like but make sure the first dropdown box is default and the second one is high, then click the "save" button.

Go to "security->settings" and change browser integrity check to off, and turn the security level to essentially off.

Setup On KeyAuth

Head over to and login. Then select an application, then go to application settings.

Enter the domain name that you created on Cloudflare into the custom domain field.

Checking The Status

Now open command prompt (CMD) and enter,

https://subdomain.domain.domainextension/1.0 -H "user-agent:"

Your response should be something like this


Now, go into your KeyAuth application, and change the KeyAuth endpoint to your newly made custom domain.