Creating A License

Learn how to create a license

Creating A License

To create a license, click on the "create keys" button,

You will then need to fill out the following information, but what is all of it? ...

  • Amount: The amount of licenses you would like to create,
  • Key Mask: The format of the created license(s). Please note that (x & X) will generate a random character. So if you put "XXX-XXX-XXX" (or mixed with lowercase) the response will be random.
  • License Level: The level of the license. Levels can be used to grant certain permissions to certain users on an application,
  • License Note: If you would like to leave a note for the license you can do so. This can be anything that you like and be a way to identify a certain member, or divide members as well.
  • License Expiry Unit: The type of expiration you would like to set (ex, days, weeks, months)
  • License Duration: The value * the unit. If you put "1" for the duration, and then "days" for the unit. The license would expire in 1 day.

After you customize the license, click the "add" button and the license will be created.